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Kids' Clothing Quiz

     The 1890s brought more fashion freedom for children. Children's clothing was loose and made to play in. Little girls got rid of their bustles. While girls' fashion was changing, very little boys still wore dresses and long curls. Often boys wore dresses until they were 5 or 6 years old, and then they were given short pants. This fashion continued into the 1920s. Look at the photographs to the side.


     Do the clothes or hairstyles tell you if the child is a boy or a girl?


     1. Boy. Harold Halbe, Dorrance, March 19, 1911
     2. Boy. George Halabe, Jr., Dorrance, September 21, 1908
     3. Girl. Fannie Carothers, Rice county, ca. 1990
     4. Boy. Illustration from the Delineator fashion magazine, 1894
     5. Boy. He had been gathering buffalo chips to burn for fuel with his mother when this photograph was taken in western Kansas.