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Some sex differences Myths
Belief Facts
Girls are more social than boys. Research had found that both sexes are equally interested in social interaction, equally influenced by social reinforcement, and equally able to learned social roles by imitating social models. Boys at certain ages actually spend more time with playmates than girls.
Girls are more suggestible than boys. No sex differences were found in most studies of children's conformity. But some researchers have found that boys are more likely than girl to comform to peer group values when their values conflict with the peer group values.
Girl have lower self esteem than boys. Both sexes during childhood and adolescence have very similar overall satisfaction and self confidence. However, boy and girls differ in areas of their greatest confidence. Girls gives themself a higher rating in social competence while boys greatest confidence is dominant.
Girls are better than boys when performing simple repetitive tasks, whereas boys out preform girls at tasks requiring higher level cognitive reasoning. There is no evidence to support either assertions. Neither sex show superiority for role learning, probability learning, and cognitive processing.
Boys are more analytic than girls. Generally, their is no differences between boys and girls on tests for analytic cognitive skills or logical reasoning, although boys do have superior visual/spatial abilities.
Girls lack achievement motivation. When conditions are neutral on achievement motivation tests, girls score higher than boys. When conditions are competitive on achievement motivation tests, boys test scores increase to approximately the same level of the girls.
Sex Role Development

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