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News about the increasing use of males using nail polish is main topic of Male Nail Polish News.

Half In Line For Uban Decay Free Manicures Are Men

During the International Fashion Boutique Show for the year 1996 in New York City, the nail polish company Urban Decay advertised free manicures as a promotion of Wende Zomnir the company creative director. The free manicure lines were so long that they when out the front door. Zomnir says, "There were as many men as women in the line." The magazines Urban Decay chosen for their print advertisement was probably the reason for the large number of men in lines for free manicures. Urban Decay had decided to advertise their unisex grungy nail color in magazines with male reader like Interview, Rolling Stone and Spin, insteat of women's magazines.

Kindergarten Students Get Manicues When Field Trip Makes Unscheduled Stop

A kindergarten class field of Achilles Elememtary School on Thursday March 19, 1998 was scheduled with a visit to Chesapeake Bank, then going to McDonald for lunch, and a visit to a local florist, then return to school. The teacher decided to add an unsheduled trip to to Lucille'e Hair Design Limited.

The hair salon owner and manager, Lucille Rowe, discussed hygiene and the kind of work stylists do to the students. She offered to let the girls get their nails done. Rowe declare that once the boys saw what the girls were doing, they wanted to take part in the fun. Matthew had his nail painted with glittery gloss while some of his classmate got their nails painted in greens and blues.

Matthew parents, Aaron Moore and Deborah Deckerlagand were the only parents to complain about their child free manicue. They were infuriated that their 5 year old son came home from school proudly showing his painted fingernails and a coupon for 25% off the next visit. They believed that no 5 year old, male or female, should be getting his or her nails painted. During a March 23, 1998 telephone interview, Moore said, "It's a good thing they went to the nail shop and not the body piercing one.

Midschool Boys Let Girls Paint Their Nails During Trip To Manhoney State Park

Ad Astra Weekly is a weekly internet student news site for gifted and talented middle school students. All Ad Astra student when on a trip to Manhoney State Park on June 26, 2001. Near the end of their stay at Mahoney State Park, the The girls ask the boys if they can paint their nails. Eight or nine of the boys gave in after the girls begging, pleading, and bribery. Andrea Tarrell commented Ian Sweaney really embraced his feminism, donning hot pink nails with blue spots and glitter. Although Emily had nail polish remover, some of the boy removed the polish with their keys.

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