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Campbell United Methodist Church
2004 Youth Choir Tour

Campbell United Methodist Church
1747 E. Republic Rd.
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 881-2018

Monday June 7, 2004

The Youth Choir of Campbell United Methodist Church, Springfield, MO had 2004 Youth Choir Tour. The Youth Choir had gone to the sixth floor of the JFK musuem and saw the window Lee Harvey Oswald shot his gun at President John F. Kennedy. Afterward they went to the West End for lunch and shopping. Later the gone to Garland to prepare for service, unpacked and a sound check. The First UMC of Garland fed them pizza.

During the 2004 Youth Choir Tour on Monday June 7, 2004, some of the male members had the finger nails painted with color nail polish.

Boy in red shorts before finger nails painted red with nail polish.

Campbell United Methodist Church's choir boys wears red polish
Two choir boys with red finger nails and one man with blue finger nails

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