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Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger - Flemish (1561/2-1636)
Portrait of a Boy aged two , Inscribed and dated: Aetatis suae 2/Ano 1608 (Aged 2, AD 1608)

Oil on panel 114.3 x 85.7 cm (45 x 33¼ in)

Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger at the age of two year old is wearing dress with a bodice and and skirt over a farthingale frame. Boys wore dresses up until the age of five or six year old was the the prevailing custom. Boys are ‘breeched’ around five or six year old when they start wearing trousers instead of skirts and dresses. He is holding in his left hand a bunch of pansises or 'heat's ease which symbolise innocence and transience and may be to the high rate of infant mortality near 1608.